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The Story of Jacob Riley

My name is Jacob Riley. I created Lost Trails Adventures to share my adventures around the world and also my photography practice.

Traveling shows me the world as it is. I learn about places I’ve never even read about, and sometimes you touch places no tourist has ever set foot on. Traveling taught me discipline, responsibility and humanity. While traveling I can see and touch wildlife. Being an adventurer and spending 100% of my time outside, even sleeping in my tent, I feel everything around me.

My story as a traveler

Traveling is a part of my life. I have loved traveling since I was a child. When I’m on the road I feel at home – the world is my home. In 2012, I started my first big trip around Europe, and the following year (2013) I covered an even greater distance through many historical places in Europe. 2014 was my first Northern Adventure on the Scandinavian Peninsula, where after 49 days of cycling I reached the North Cape – the northernmost cape in Europe that can be reached by car. 2016, my first joint trip and the first transcontinental trip both on the European continent and in Africa. Year after year, I rediscovered the world around me, and together with photography I could capture fond memories of each trip and then present them at a photo exhibition. 

My story as a photographer

Sealing the innermost moment is part of my work. I capture with my lens what makes my heart jump, what captivates my soul. Photography has been a part of my life since 2000, when I first took a tape camera. Later I had a digital “soap dish”, and from 2015 to 2018 a digital camera of a higher class. In 2019 I got a digital professional SLR camera – Canon 1300D. After traveling to Scandinavia in 2019, I started plans to return to analog photography. With great enthusiasm I bought full equipment for an amateur photo lab, as well as several cameras for 35 mm and 120 mm tapes. The first few tapes I showed were of poor quality, but the exposure of each pose was correct!

Photography shows us the world in a unique and attractive way. As a landscape photographer, I have always looked for unique places to photograph.

Jacob Riley Photographer

Enjoy The Best Experience with Me

A Little About Me

Professional traveler traveling the world in search of unique locations for photography and sound recording.
Hello, my name is Jacob Riley. For ten years I have been traveling the world to photograph the unique places I visit. As I cycle or walk around I see and hear unique things that I record with my camera and microphones. In my library of sounds you will find both natural sounds and many others that I create while on the road. My photography portfolio is mostly landscapes, but I also create others that touch my heart.
If you want to know more about me, you can read here.

Jacob Riley Creator

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