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Camping Gear

After a whole day of cycling through beautiful landscapes, there is nothing better to enjoy than the opportunity to spend the evening in a beautiful place away from the road. Below I’ve listed the main pieces of camping gear I use and recommend for backcountry bike camping.

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Vango Nevis 100

I have been using this tent for about four years and it has worked flawlessly. It is lightweight, durable and well designed for adventure. Unfolding is extremely easy and fast. The tent is perfect for solo adventurers like myself. Like any tent, the only problem with this one is the poles, which with constant use break after a certain period, regardless of whether they are made of fiberglass or aluminum.

Vango Talas Tunnel Tent, River Blue, 100

I only used this tent on the 2019 Scandinavia bike trip. At first the tent did well in all conditions, but after daily pitching and stowing while I was in an extremely extreme environment, one of the poles broke. Despite the weak poles, the tent can withstand snow, heavy rain and wind.

Sleeping Bag

I find that a sleeping bag in the 15-30 degree range works well enough most of the time. When combined with an inflatable air mattress and the protection of a tent, this bag always keeps me warm.

Sleeping Pad

Forclaz mt500 air s, 120 x 52

I’ve been using this air mattress for three years now on every single trip I take, and even though it’s small for my height, it does a great job. It is light, comfortable and quick to inflate. It keeps me cold and wet all night long.

A Little About Me

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Hello, my name is Jacob Riley. For ten years I have been traveling the world to photograph the unique places I visit. As I cycle or walk around I see and hear unique things that I record with my camera and microphones. In my library of sounds you will find both natural sounds and many others that I create while on the road. My photography portfolio is mostly landscapes, but I also create others that touch my heart.
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